6thEdition.com is the solution you have been looking for facilitation in the use of the Sixth Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. This unique membership site provides you 24/7 access to extensive and essential tools and resources that will improve the quality and efficiency of performing and reviewing Sixth Edition impairment evaluations. The site is designed for all professionals involved in the use of the Sixth Edition, including physicians, attorneys, claims professionals, and fact finders. You will gain access to:
  • Calculators
    • Functional Inventories (with online scoring and reporting), including Pain Disability Questionnaire (PDQ), QuickDASH, and Lower Limb Outcome - simplifies use and saves valuable time.
    • Net Adjustment – instant calculation of adjustments
    • Combined Values
    • Unit and Regional Conversions
  • Forms
    • Functional Inventory Forms
    • History Form
    • Physical Examination Form
  • Resources
    • Rating Guidance Tool which provides information on the applicable section(s) and criteria, and suggestions on the rating process to over 50 of the most commonly rated conditions.
All of these resources are available to you 24/7 for only $247 a year.

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  • Guidance. You also gain access to online rating guidance for the most commonly encountered diagnoses.

  • To ease the process of performing and reviewing impairment ratings, you are provided with access to functional inventories that provide online scoring and printing! You also have access to online calculators, combined values and conversions.

To greatly improve the quality and efficiency of evaluations, you will also gain access to a variety of forms that are available only to current subscribers of 6thEdition.com. Examinee forms include consent, history, inventories, and satisfaction surveys. The Impairment Evaluation Report Form is 21 pages in length and includes a section on Introduction, Physical Examination of all musculoskeletal regions, Diagnostic Studies, Functional Inventories, Conclusions, Impairment Rating Worksheets, and Disclosures. We also provide you with extensive Internet links to resources that you will find very valuable.

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